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Councilman, congressman call for more protection along Grand Isle's coast


A Jefferson Parish councilman is calling on some federal lawmakers to help protect Grand Isle's coastline.

This comes as we near the most active part of the hurricane season.

Congressman Troy Carter and Jefferson Parish Councilman Ricky Templet walked along Grand Isle's beach Thursday, getting an up-close look at rock jetties they say are so valuable to protect the vulnerable island from devastating storms.

"This is our first line of defense. For the metropolitan area, not just Jefferson Parish. St. Charles, New Orleans, Plaquemines. This is the first line of defense and we need to fight the fight out here," Templet said.

Templet wants to see barrier rocks that help weaken storm surge added along areas of the coastline that are still unprotected as soon as possible.

The project would cost about $50 million in federal funds.

"They're saying we need to do a study beforehand. The time for studies is over with. You can prove that it works, let's keep continuing doing what works and use common sense in government," Templet said.

That's why Carter is stepping in to try to expedite the process.

It's one he says is bipartisan and effective.

"We were able to see the difference, where the rock jetties are-there was preservation. Where the rock jetties were not, there was devastation," Carter said.

Carter said he'll keep in touch with the Army Corps of Engineers to continue to reiterate just how important he thinks the barrier rocks are.


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